Monday, 1 December 2014

Stop “back to sender” prayers - Apostle Onyinah of Ghana.

Apostle Dr Opoku Onyinah, President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), has asked Christians to stop offering “back to sender” prayers.

He said such prayers were not supported by the Bible, and were, therefore, against the will of God.

Apostle Onyinah made the call at this year’s Convention of the Global Evangelical Church at the Church's Convention and Retreat Grounds at Wumenu, near Kpetoe.

The Convention was on the theme: “Knowing God the Holy Spirit.”

Apostle Onyinah noted that many Christians were ‘falling in love’ with praying for perceived enemies to die, and described such prayers as “gimmick” and “wrong.”

He pointed out that God does not answer such prayers, and urged Christians to follow the example of Jesus Christ and show love for all.

“Jesus is our example. We must be agents of peace and love. The enemy has no power over us. We fly above them if we show love and desist from sin,” Apostle Onyinah said.

“We must be sources of blessing to the world and cease from cursing and wishing people dead or destroyed,” he added.

Apostle Onyinah, therefore, charged Christians not to waste time and energy on such prayers, instead, spend time in worshiping God to get closer to Him.


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