Sunday, 28 December 2014


It was around past 4 in the morning around mid-October,after ending the normal ritual of night prayer to my Heavenly Father,i was feeling so uneasy in my Spirit,though i'v always have strange feelings sometimes at night,but it always points to a single direction of me being a man.
But this feeling within me was different,i wasn't feeling dizzy;so what type of rare feeling could this be?.
Still standing and thinking about such feeling,i didn't know what happened next,may be i collapsed on the chair or i was struck by someone,that still remains a mystery unraveled.

All i saw was my Spirit leaving my body,i saw my body lying lifeless on the long chair,and oh!!,it began to dawn on me that i'm leaving this world to my final destination and abode be it HEAVEN or HELL.
I was taken in the Spirit to a very dark place,it was so dark that i couldn't see anything around me but save a white light shinning from afar,what could that be,i thought within me.that was how my journey began,i was so curious about getting to the place where the Light was.
I began to walk,i haven't walked five metres,when a man on pure white suddenly appeared to me.I looked at His face,and i recognized it immediately,because it took the face of someone i knew on earth.I didn't even bother asking Him,cos i knew who He was already,but this man wasn't talking to me,so i began to walk as fast i could away from Him.But anytime i hasten my footstep,i always felt a huge path at my back,which made me stop for this man to walk with me.So i began to walk with Him without mincing a word.
I got to a sharp bend on the route,on looking back, I couldn't see this man,I continued walking all alone in the dark,then a lady appeared to me on the road side,she said she knew me and she knows where I lived,and that I should follow her. I followed her without having a second thought,she took me inside a building I couldn't recognize. I was standing when this lady began to show some lustful signs that were much appeasing to the flesh,to the extent i almost forgot where i was going.. NO,i said within me!!!! this I wanted,I took to my heels immediately without much ado.
Finally I got to a place,the light was getting nearer,this man on white that left me was now back with me,but He still never said a word to me.we kept on walking.
A voice called the both of us from from the corner side of the road,i recognized the person's voice that called us,the man following me was a friend to the person that called us,in which i also was closer to the person.This man on white was already there before i could get to the person.

I saw their mouth moving but i never had a clue of what they were saying,after talking to each other,the man on white left,but i was still with this man that called us,

This man began to tell me about his a huge Business organization,and how he could easily make me rich,he kept on talking,and talking.the offer was alluring and tempting.I almost fell for it,before i remembered that the man i was walking with initially has left me.
I began to run,i ran as fast as my legs could carry me,after running for some time,i had to walk,while walking,i saw a tree with fruits on it,i'v never seen such in my life before,the fruit was big,fresh,and tempting.
I looked back,i saw this man in white walking towards my direction,had a cheeky look at the fruit again,looked back the second time,this man on white was gone.
But i was hungry and thirsty,i'v been walking for days without food and water,i wanted to pluck some and eat,before i just decided to leave it and go for the Light instead,so i continued walking.
While walking alone,i looked up,lo and behold,i saw uncountable number of people at my front.where are these people going?i asked my self.

I was now very weary and tired at this stage,my legs were heavy,i couldn't walk,i was dragging myself,i'm almost getting there,a large truck of people were not to far at my back,
A very BIG GATE was in my front,people who were at my front have vanished into thin air before getting to the gate.
Finally i crawled to the gate,I was just at the entrance of the gate,thinking of where to go from there when I saw some horrible tall looking beings well arranged with weapons on my left,it was a wide place,i was scared,i don't want those people to take me once i cross the gate.
But by my right,i saw a lady rejoicing,saying ''Hallelujah'',she was about entering a tight road before a very deep voice said ''HOLINESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS'',immediately,she was transformed.
She was so natural and shinning,her robe that was brown in colour before was now PURE WHITE.
The brightness was so much to comprehend that i was caught up immediately,then back to the room i was.
I saw my Spirit kneeling down praying fervently for more Holiness and righteousness,many things were revealed to me about how i v spent my life so far.
After the prayer,my Spirit came back to my body,which made me woke up with tears in my eyes.
The time was exactly 5 am when i woke up.

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