Sunday, 28 December 2014

Day 4, Breaking the Cycle of Disappointment: ARCHBISHOP NICHOLAS DUNCAN WILLIAMS

I hope you are having a blessed Sunday. Remember, God is with you through thick and thin; His love and favor never fails.
Yesterday we prayed against the Spirit of Delay.
Today we will be tackling the Spirit of Disappointment - a spirit that has caused many believers to feel discouraged. After today, may you find total liberty.
Day 4:
Proverbs 23:17-19 (NLT)
17 Don’t envy sinners,
but always continue to fear the Lord.
18 You will be rewarded for this;
your hope will not be disappointed.
19 My child, listen and be wise:
Keep your heart on the right course.
By the authority of Christ, I set you free from every cycle of disappointment that has held you captive. You will enter into 2015 liberated from discouragement in the name of Jesus. You will have a testimony of the goodness of the Lord before the end of 2014. I declare your family, your business, your investments free from disappointment. Shout your loudest Amen.
As a sign of love, I want you to also pray this prayer for a love one
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