Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Be careful in seeking spiritual help from Pastors – Bishop warns

Spokesperson for the Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana, Bishop Prince Benny Wood, has called on pregnant women to be cautious when seeking solutions to their pre-natal conditions from churches and spiritual leaders.

His comment comes in the wake of backlash against a Christian spiritual leader, Bishop Daniel Obinim, who is being accused of torture as he is seen in a video stomping on a pregnant woman’s abdomen during an exorcism session.

The 42-second video, which has gone viral on social media, captured the International God’s Way Church Founder stomping on the pregnant woman as he mutters some words of prayer.

Bishop Wood, who disagreed with the methods used by Bishop Obinim in his deliverance session, said it was about time people are educated to know their rights within the law so they could escape some of these mistreatment.

“Nobody has told the person that what the man of God is doing is wrong or right, she is only going to seek solutions for her problems. Some of these people, the kind of pressure and the challenges they are facing, they have no alternatives than to go to places like this,” he said passionately.

Bishop Wood added that some people are vulnerable because pastors directly provide solutions to their problems.

“[people want solutions to their problems] and the solution is not coming from anywhere than from somebody who is stepping on people’s stomachs, slapping people, kicking people and getting them solutions,” he said.

Source: Ghanaweb.com

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