Saturday, 13 December 2014

ISIS Reportedly Trying to Sell James Foley's Body for $1 Million

After murdering American James Foley in August, members of ISIS are now reportedly trying to sell his body in order to make funds to continue their terrorist activities. Foley was beheaded by the Islamic militant group and the video posted online for the world to see. The journalist was the first in a series of public beheadings recorded and released to the public; now Foley's body is the first to be ransomed, with ISIS asking $1 million for the decapitated remains.

Three sources confirmed that the group was trying to broker a deal to sell Foley's body by offering a DNA sample, then transporting the remains to Turkey, where they would be taken into custody and likely transported home. "They ask for $1 million, and they will send DNA to Turkey, but they want the money first," one source, kept anonymous for protection, told BuzzFeed News. "They will not give the DNA without the money." This is a new strategy for the terrorist organization which normally raises its funds by kidnapping persons and ransoming them off. The United States refuses to negotiate with terrorists, which includes members of ISIS. Foley was reporting in Syria two years ago when he was taken captive. The United States put together a rescue attempt but Foley and other hostages had been moved just before forces landed.

"He was a courageous, fearless journalist," Diane Foley, James' mother, said at a press conference soon after her son's death. "He always hoped that he would come home. [He] would never want us to hate or be bitter. Every time we started to get despondent, we thought of Jim and his courage."
"We know Jimmy's free," his father, John, added. "He's finally free. And we know he's in God's hands … and we know he's in Heaven." It may be very unlikely that Foley's body will be returned to his parents any time soon. Since the U.S. does not negotiate with terrorists, the "purchase" of his body could be seen as an arrangement and lead to further questions.

"It will be like a shame for the U.S. government," a Free Syrian Army official said. "People will keep ask[ing] why you brought the body but you didn't bring him when he was alive." Neither the Foley family nor the U.S. government has commented on the story, except to say that they are "seeking more information" about the situation.

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