Saturday, 29 November 2014

One Nigerian student killed; two injured in robbery attack in Ghana.

Armed robbers at dawn, Friday November 28th, 2014 attacked and killed one Nigerian student and left two others injured. One of the injured students is in serious condition. The attack took place at Accra Newtown, a suburb of Accra. The robbers were said to have demanded money from the students, who failed to comply their command, leading to the vicious attack and murder. Continue after the cut.

The deceased person had his stomach split open with his intestines gushing out. There was a pool of blood in the room where the attack took place. The survivor of the attack narrated that the masked men came into their unlocked room around 2:00 am, demanding money.

Eyes witness said they had just received their school fees and did not want to lose the money and so they resisted. He says he hurriedly went into the kitchen for a knife but the three were overpowered by the robbers. He said his other colleague has been left in critical condition with a deep cut on his chest. He said they feel targeted in Ghana and are no longer safe. The Kotobabi Accra Police have began investigations into the matter.

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