Friday, 28 November 2014

Don't Step Through Temptation's Gateway!

Marijuana is widely regarded as a "gateway" drug, which leads some users to experiment with more serious drugs. In a similar way, every time we sin against God's commands, we commit a "gateway" sin. That is to say, our sin often leads us to engage in other types of sinful behavior.
Sin becomes a gateway for the human soul to receive "the stuff of hell" rather than "the stuff of heaven." Just consider how this plays out in everyday life. A sinful thought makes it easier to spend more time dwelling on unholy things. Sinful words make it easier to become even more unrighteous in the way we speak. And sinful deeds become a gateway to various types of sinful behavior.

In that sense, we never really live a "neutral" spiritual life even for a moment. We are either "flowing down the river" of sinful desires, or we are flowing in the wellspring of God's living water. And the most miserable people on the planet are those who know the Lord, and yet still pursue certain sins with premeditation. It feels like you are trying to go in two opposite directions. No wonder such behavior produces deep agony and restlessness within the soul of a believer. (see Psalm 32:1-5)


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